Googles +1 button

A quick article worth reading on the Google +1 button that can be added to your website a bit like the Facebook ‘like’ button but read this article it also contains details on how to add it


Organic SEO Contracts with Incentive

New SEO contract designed to suit the SME marketplace, contracts with an incentive starting low cost with cost only increasing with proven results by which time company profits should have increased. Only 1 months notice to cancel at any time so no tie-in!

Proven track record, examples on request, contact us for details.

How to Deal With Difficult SEO Clients

A great article on the different SEO client problems and opinions that happen on a day to day basis from those that think it is a dark art to the hostile, amatuer SEO expert and so on, worth a read.

Don’t submit your website to any search engines

There was a time when the belief was to submit to search engines, following the free submit link on Google and slowly but surely inputting every address and description, when the truth is just linking the sites from an already listed website is enough. Google when crawling starts at the beginning and ends at the end following every link it comes accross to it’s conclusion and if your site is linked from others it will get crawled. The crawlers don’t stop to jump over to brand new existing site just because a free submit occured, read link below for more:

Google – What is going to change? Google Caffeine?

There are no details that have been released as of yet but there are online “bytes” that the following factors might play an increasing role in Google’s next index:

  • Your website speed: slow loading websites may suffer by not getting high rankings on Google, this has been rumoured for some time and does make a lot of sense, a sort of bad site cull if you will.
  • Existing Broken links: broken links are a bugbear anyway and should not exist, this might have a negative impact of the position but should be cleaned up as a matter of course anyway, especially prevalent with re-edited and redesigned sites using existing type with embedded links.
  • Links with Bad neighbourhoods: Linking with spammers is not great for your rankings in Google’s already. This will get increasingly worse so pay attention to who you are linking with, We get emailed daily with link requests which go straight in the trash, relevant links form non-spammers only, stick to who you know.
  • The build quality of your website: Google’s new setup will take a closer look at the overall quality of your site, this is pretty obvious when you take into account all current factors, the better the build the better the crawl, the better the crawl the better the position, clean your code.


  • Remove all spam elements from your web pages.
  • Check and clean up your website design and the navigation.
  • Get links from social bookmark websites, these are becoming increasingly important, keep your staff sweet and get them to link in too.
  • Check your links, remove all outbound links to any site you think may be spammers or unsavoury, if your not sure, remove!

Personalised Search Results in Google

Google will be personalising search engine results which basically means if you use amazon a lot then amazon pages will get a boost within your search results. From what u have read you will get this automatically and have to actually opt out.

This does explain some of my recent results but as far as i can see does not bode well for the likes of myself who like to check organic listing positions for set keyword combinations as part of ongoing SEO work. even if I opt put how can I guarantee that the results are true? Please read more and I willprd than likely blog more in the future on this.

Click here go the article

Micro / Satellite sites

2 days, 2 meetings and 4 micro sites or are they?

The idea that buying multiple domain names us not a new one, placing optimised sites behind those domain names to help business is not a new one but what is the best method?

I was asked yesterday to go ahead and start work on a large site for an existing client, there current site us doing fine but larger businesses are dominating the search engines with multiple landing pages from multiple sites under not only different domain names but different brands but all feeding a sole business. A duplication of the existing site is now afoot, different images, rewritten text and a cms system, the other is a 4 page site just picking at s niche Market but for the same result.

The 2 today are to be created under different domains and new brands but feeding a sole provider although both will be small 4 page sites.

I would argue that the creation of this style of site could harm the Internet long term but I would also argue that if i am not searching for them then will never find them therefore not a worry and as long as my concious is clear that the quality and standard of the final business offering in the chain is up to standard then surely there is no issue?