Will Social SEO? Be the end of Social Networking as we know it?

Facebook? It’s been around for what seems forever with a true stranglehold on the social network environment, it basically wrote the hook on how to do it, the problem I see is in what happens next. Recently in the news there was a story about how pupils were looking up teachers to see what they had been up to over the weekend and getting ammunition for the week ahead, okay you could argue that the teachers should know better and there are safeguards in place to stop this happening but this is the tip of the iceberg. It’s a guarantee that since it’s conception users have looked up ex-girlfriends, ex-wife’s, work colleagues, the boss, the girl or guy at work, the list goes on but but it leads to is a far tighter and far more strict level of anonymity that is required and that exists if you want it. I can log onto Facebook, I can adjust my settings so only friends can see my albums, I can pretty much hide myself so I cannot be found unless I want to be but then where does that leave the social media advertising?

The app, yes I expect 80% of my usage is via my phone as it’s convenient but every time I click that little blue button I first have to wade through the ‘insert company name’ is now friends with followed by on average about 10 profile pics and there is usually about 6 to 7 of these before I even get to anything remotely interesting. I can’t see that its just me who gets this and it’s not really an issue as it’s quick to scroll past, the problem I see is the anonymity?

I only share what I want with friends and I’m certainly no ‘friend collector’. I’m guilty of regular culls to keep that online list guarded but at the same time I also have a couple of pages and groups running which I have invited people to join as part of the promotion of events but here lies the problem, everytime a request to join a company or event or group happens it bring strangers one step closer? Okay I know they are only members of a group and not ‘friends’ but is this truly understood by users and ‘friend collectors’ and the trail between strangers and friends and what everyone can see or access?

I use Facebook, more for entertainment and these days I have more strangers than friends on my list. These are mainly from the VW community for which I use it to promote a business site and an owners club, I also have the usual business page for my agency which I’m guilty of neglecting on a day to day basis but I certainly do not chase fans or members of these. It’s getting to the point that unless you employ a Facebook guru to administrator your setup and day to day it’s nigh impossible to keep track of developments.

I still have friends and family on my friends list and from time to time post images of ‘family time’ for the relatives abroad to see hence regular culls to the list so I know who is seeing the info but how many people do this, I recently saw a user with over 2000 friends, nobody can manage this and this was his profile not his company, group or page and this is common place yet if you are on his list and not licked down it’s so easy for others to browse your goings on?

If everyone locked down tighter than Fort Knox would the online world be a safer place? or would it just be a boring one with no communication and ‘networking’ grinding to a halt and the main question the rambling post is unsure of is amongst all the confusion, tightening of access and anonymity where does the increase in social media advertising see it future?

John Whalvin


Combining SEO with social media article

Social media if you were honest is either loved or hated but with the sudden rise in necessary SEO directed from these sites it’s a necessary medium for anyone in a competitive Web environment no matter how small, here is an article which will help.

Combining SEO Article


7 Social Media Tactics for Explosive Results in Your Business – Article

Through my Twitter feeds I was sent this article regarding explosive results within the ever growing social media marketing environment, it still amazes me how quickly these marketing directions grow, it seems like only a few months ago that I was still hearing people dismissing Facebook as social rubbish for idiots who have forgotten how to communicate with others face to face and Twitter as one step down the food chain from that.

Now these sites and feeds are the “new black”, the hottest property with a vast amount of information suddenly appearing as to the best ways to target this. the man/woman hours it must have taken preparing all of this info, but thats the point.

Blogs like this one have been around for a long time and the social media sites are the same beast in a different outfit, all at the same dinner party sharing ideas, thoughts and contcat details feeding a common goal, I for one think its great and I am already seeing results for my own business and my clients for whom I provide the same services.

Article: http://www.sitepronews.com/2009/11/10/7-social-media-tactics-for-explosive-results-in-your-business/

This article covers:

  • Explosive Social Media Tactic #1 – Hot Content
  • Explosive Social Media Tactic #2 – Niched Network Nuances
  • Explosive Social Media Tactic #3 – Simplify Sharing
  • Explosive Social Media Tactic #4 – Consistency
  • Explosive Social Media Tactic #5 – Think Engagement
  • Explosive Social Media Tactic #6 – Three-Way Connection and Communication
  • Explosive Social Media Tactic #7 – What’s In It for All?

All a facinating read hence I subscribe to the feeds that send this information my way.



Social Media content is great but it must be Valuable!

Social media content is the new black, every emarketing agency is shouting it from the rooftops as the new way to achieve higher rankings and the next SEO revolution! Is this true, well in a word ‘Yes’. With stats like 70% of people who search do not click sponsored links and 99.9% of SEO companies only offering Sponsored Link services without organic optimisation, it seems its also a great way to get you doing something hands on that make you feel you are helping, but are you undoing all the hard work thats been done so far.

Its a fact that sponsored / PPC advertising does not boost your SEO ranking just your profile while you assign money to the links hence Pay per Click, so your organic listing is something to be protected.

Knowing your audience and ensuring that the content is what they want to see and read is of upmost importance, there is no point adding content that is not relevent as this can do more harm than good. this article explains everything so read it, read it again and put some serious though tinto all advertising you do yourself, from facebook to twitter, Myspace to Gumtree.


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An article called Facebook 101

I came across this article today, the first two thirds related to general Facebook setup which most of us are pretty well versed in although you never know what you may have missed.

The last third relates to marketing, this is the interesting bit, I am pasting that section here in it’s complete form with the link to the entire article at the bottom.

Why Does Facebook Matter to Marketers?

With Microsoft recently partnering with Facebook to integrate Facebook and Twitter updates into Bing search results, this opens the door for more real-time search results. It is likely that Google will also partner with Facebook in the near future. So having an understanding of Facebook (and Twitter) can open up new ways for search marketers to reach their audiences and brand themselves.

Facebook also presents a unique marketing opportunity for businesses with Facebook Business Pages. As more people participate with social media sites, marketers are learning that these sites are where people are learning more about products, services, business, etc. Like most social media sites, marketing on Facebook has a viral effect.

Here are some benefits for using Facebook:

Customer interaction: Provides a place for a conversation between a business/brand and customers to happen. Through this interaction companies can build better relationships with customers.

Reputation management: Companies can learn more about how the brand is perceived online. This is done through comments and direct feedback and with monitoring conversations both positive and negative.

Customer acquisition: As people become fans of a Facebook page, they get a notice posted as news item their friends to see. This viral approach will then lead to new viewers.

Drive traffic: With increased activity of a Facebook fan page, traffic will likely increase to the company’s Web site. Facebook pages also appear in universal search results.

Branding: Can generate brand awareness to new audiences in addition to a company’s corporate Web site.

The article is online to read at:


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Advice on earning respect with Social Marketing

I was searching as normal through SEO news and views today and came across this article, my plan for this blog is to share my views and experiences moreso than other professionals buy I do feel this one is interesting enough to post a link.


As you can see this looks at every topic from learning how to read and react to objective flattery and re-classified terminology. There is a lot to take in but the benefits are there.