How to Deal With Difficult SEO Clients

A great article on the different SEO client problems and opinions that happen on a day to day basis from those that think it is a dark art to the hostile, amatuer SEO expert and so on, worth a read.


Social Media content is great but it must be Valuable!

Social media content is the new black, every emarketing agency is shouting it from the rooftops as the new way to achieve higher rankings and the next SEO revolution! Is this true, well in a word ‘Yes’. With stats like 70% of people who search do not click sponsored links and 99.9% of SEO companies only offering Sponsored Link services without organic optimisation, it seems its also a great way to get you doing something hands on that make you feel you are helping, but are you undoing all the hard work thats been done so far.

Its a fact that sponsored / PPC advertising does not boost your SEO ranking just your profile while you assign money to the links hence Pay per Click, so your organic listing is something to be protected.

Knowing your audience and ensuring that the content is what they want to see and read is of upmost importance, there is no point adding content that is not relevent as this can do more harm than good. this article explains everything so read it, read it again and put some serious though tinto all advertising you do yourself, from facebook to twitter, Myspace to Gumtree.

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