Not so much an experiment but actual fact!

From time to time like most companies im sure I recieve either a phone call or an email from either an SEO company or a listings directory offering services. One part of their offerings is a number of registered domains all linking into my site, but all the registered domains are keyword specific.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased, for those not in the know of this niche market, I have owned a Volkswagen T4 Transporter converted to a day van / campervan with surfboard racks inside for a while. A few years ago you could pick up a decent T4 for reasonable money, now every T4 on ebay, even ropey old builders vans are being given the tag ‘Surfbus’ or possible surfbus and £2000 to £3000 added to the sale value because of this.

There is a fast growing trend in van conversions and many site with these keywords deeply rooted in their code so I purchased this domain, not beliving it was available and if you type in the keyords T4, Surfbus it comes up No.2 in Google, not bad for a domain purchased on the 22nd of March.

best of all this domain is for lease, please visit for more information.