Resikom Limited – Liquid Leak Detection – Designvent Site Build

Designvent have completed the first stage of the Resikom Web build, the Leak Detection site.

There are a number of other sites in the pipeline at the moment, here is a little history.

The Water Leak Detection industry is small and specialised with only a few manufacturers operating world-wide. The original application was in the void created by “computer room” floors in the days of large main-frame computer systems. These use a modular, raised floor based around a structural “floor tile” usually 600mm square and supported at the corners by pedestals. The void created gave easy access and routing for the mass of power, networking and other interconnecting cables associated with larger computer systems – processors, drives, routers etc. Mainframe computers also generated large amounts of heat so a void under the floor could also be used as a plenum to distribute and diffuse chilled air around the computer room. The void therefore was likely to have chilled water pipes running through it along with the drains for condensates associated with refrigeration plant. In addition designers also found the floor void a very convenient place to route other wet services feeding bathrooms, radiators and other facilities.

About Resikom Limited

Resikom Limited was formed on an idea that customers require quality products and superior service.  We spent numerous years being employed and working alongside companies that focused more on money than providing a service.  Therefore we decided to try and be different and put the emphasis back on client satisfaction.  Our employees have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our focus is directed on both the residential and commercial markets.  As we are totally independent, we are able to provide solutions using the most suitable and current products on the market. We are also able to service and support many different makes and brands of systems for the very same reasons.  As time passes more and more customers are now moving towards using one supplier to service all systems of a particular variety e.g. leak detection etc. With this in mind, we are suitably placed within the market place to offer this very solution.