New heights in Google

Stangest thing happened this morning, as with most companies from time to time I check positioning with Google and how my site ranks with certain keyphrases.

I always Google ‘Graphic Design Southampton’ which usually places me at the bottom of page 1, not bad at all after 2 years of marketing, the phrase ‘Website Design Southampton’ which is far more competitive positioned Designvent halfway down page 5 for the past year then after the launch of both Twitter and wordpress sites the ranking had climbed to near the top of page 3 which I was very pleased with.

I sat at the computer this morning and decided as I had 2 minutes  I would check ‘Graphic Design Southampton’ which gave me position 2 in Google, ‘Website Design Southampton’ gave me position 2 in Google, and ‘Website Design hampshire’ gave me position 2 in Google, all I can attribute this to is the Blogging and Twitter, how long will I stay there, only about 5% of Google staff know but I will take it for as long as I can.