Micro / Satellite sites

2 days, 2 meetings and 4 micro sites or are they?

The idea that buying multiple domain names us not a new one, placing optimised sites behind those domain names to help business is not a new one but what is the best method?

I was asked yesterday to go ahead and start work on a large site for an existing client, there current site us doing fine but larger businesses are dominating the search engines with multiple landing pages from multiple sites under not only different domain names but different brands but all feeding a sole business. A duplication of the existing site is now afoot, different images, rewritten text and a cms system, the other is a 4 page site just picking at s niche Market but for the same result.

The 2 today are to be created under different domains and new brands but feeding a sole provider although both will be small 4 page sites.

I would argue that the creation of this style of site could harm the Internet long term but I would also argue that if i am not searching for them then will never find them therefore not a worry and as long as my concious is clear that the quality and standard of the final business offering in the chain is up to standard then surely there is no issue?