7 Social Media Tactics for Explosive Results in Your Business – Article

Through my Twitter feeds I was sent this article regarding explosive results within the ever growing social media marketing environment, it still amazes me how quickly these marketing directions grow, it seems like only a few months ago that I was still hearing people dismissing Facebook as social rubbish for idiots who have forgotten how to communicate with others face to face and Twitter as one step down the food chain from that.

Now these sites and feeds are the “new black”, the hottest property with a vast amount of information suddenly appearing as to the best ways to target this. the man/woman hours it must have taken preparing all of this info, but thats the point.

Blogs like this one have been around for a long time and the social media sites are the same beast in a different outfit, all at the same dinner party sharing ideas, thoughts and contcat details feeding a common goal, I for one think its great and I am already seeing results for my own business and my clients for whom I provide the same services.

Article: http://www.sitepronews.com/2009/11/10/7-social-media-tactics-for-explosive-results-in-your-business/

This article covers:

  • Explosive Social Media Tactic #1 – Hot Content
  • Explosive Social Media Tactic #2 – Niched Network Nuances
  • Explosive Social Media Tactic #3 – Simplify Sharing
  • Explosive Social Media Tactic #4 – Consistency
  • Explosive Social Media Tactic #5 – Think Engagement
  • Explosive Social Media Tactic #6 – Three-Way Connection and Communication
  • Explosive Social Media Tactic #7 – What’s In It for All?

All a facinating read hence I subscribe to the feeds that send this information my way.