Advertising Opportunities

I recieved an email today regarding a slightly but not totally defunct site of mine. was and still is purely a hobby site that I have owned since 2001, based on a snowboarding trip to Val Thorens and now just a test site that I use, or used to use for playing with and storing new pieces of script that I come across, a resource if you like!

Back to the email, it was simply offering me advertising opportunities, but for a change they wanted to advertise with me! As you can imagine this came as a surprise but renewed my love for the site almost instantly, the hobbies still exist so why not the site, it breaks the day up to take 10 minutes here or there.

Better mention the fact that this site did win and ADA – American design Award and a Coolhomepages award a couple of years ago and sits around a 3 to 4 out of 10 Pagerank with Google so its not bad for a defunct site. Not defunct anymore!

Now better rework some content!!