An article called Facebook 101

I came across this article today, the first two thirds related to general Facebook setup which most of us are pretty well versed in although you never know what you may have missed.

The last third relates to marketing, this is the interesting bit, I am pasting that section here in it’s complete form with the link to the entire article at the bottom.

Why Does Facebook Matter to Marketers?

With Microsoft recently partnering with Facebook to integrate Facebook and Twitter updates into Bing search results, this opens the door for more real-time search results. It is likely that Google will also partner with Facebook in the near future. So having an understanding of Facebook (and Twitter) can open up new ways for search marketers to reach their audiences and brand themselves.

Facebook also presents a unique marketing opportunity for businesses with Facebook Business Pages. As more people participate with social media sites, marketers are learning that these sites are where people are learning more about products, services, business, etc. Like most social media sites, marketing on Facebook has a viral effect.

Here are some benefits for using Facebook:

Customer interaction: Provides a place for a conversation between a business/brand and customers to happen. Through this interaction companies can build better relationships with customers.

Reputation management: Companies can learn more about how the brand is perceived online. This is done through comments and direct feedback and with monitoring conversations both positive and negative.

Customer acquisition: As people become fans of a Facebook page, they get a notice posted as news item their friends to see. This viral approach will then lead to new viewers.

Drive traffic: With increased activity of a Facebook fan page, traffic will likely increase to the company’s Web site. Facebook pages also appear in universal search results.

Branding: Can generate brand awareness to new audiences in addition to a company’s corporate Web site.

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