Website Design is like baking a cake!

When people say to me ah, your a web designer I get offended, sorry if that offends web designers but I am a graphic designer who does both print and web and approaches both the same way!

I was recently on a forum I frequent, vehicle related not design but someone asked “does anyone know a web designer”, I did not respond as the guys on this forum moan enough and I need that like a hole in the head but i did follow the thread with some interest, just from a point of Market research let’s say.

The question was followed by about 20 responses saying “go here” “go there” but all said one thing ‘templates”. Now I have no problem with templates, they are nicely designed and allow a lot of people an ‘in’ to Internet existence but from a company presence point of view spending a few quid is worth it, the one that did amuse me was the one from the only other designer I know said forum who said,

“I have designed a few sites don’t know how to build them but . . . . “,

Ifelt like replying with “I have sketched a few pictures of a chocolate cake, don’t know how to bake one but . . . “,

the trouble is everyone knows someone who can build a website or knows someone who’s dads brothers aunts mechanics son can!

If I wanted to bake a good cake I would ask someone who could make a good cake or buy a Delian smith book – a designer,

if I wanted to just get something quick that would ‘do’ I would get a pre-mixed packet add water and go – a template,

what I would not do is ask my mate down the pub who has heard his mum talk about making cakes once, the ones suggesting templates.

Listen to Delia Smith and have a cake worthwhile of your tastebuds!