On the back of the reworking of the Designvent brand, streamlining the content and presenting in a far more simplified manner leaning towards a far more designed offering than the commercial site it had grown into over the last 2 years losing touch with its audience, see

We have now added to the fold. We have always offered organic SEO – Search Engine Optimisation to clients whos sites we deal with but now, more through request and demand have decided to open this up as a part of the business. Recent studies show that 70% of potential customers surfing the net ignore sponsored links and PPC – Pay Per Click, whereas 99% or thereabouts of all SEO companies only offer PPC and sponsored advertising.

We all know that if your organic links are low and you pile money on PPC that when you stop the starting rank is not suddenly catapulted to page 1, so it seems the sensible long term plan has to lie with Organic SEO and manual, yes manual hard work to reach the required heights.